Racing Rules and Regulations




Competition rules and regulations

  1. Definitions
  2. General
  3. General competition regulations
  4. Conditions of entry
  5. Services rendered to Zontes Racing Club Members
  6. Events
  7. Administrative and technical monitoring
  8. Visual design and advertising rights
  9. Provisions
  10. Insurances
  11. Briefing, winners’ ceremonies, press conferences
  12. Protests
  13. Disciplinary action
  14. Vehicle regulations
  15. Calendar of events

Technical Regulations

  1. General regulations motorcycle
  2. Running gear / vehicle in general
  3. Extra equipment
  4. Modifications
  5. Attachment
  6. Forms

1. Definitions

Organizer: The respective race or racetrack organization

Zontes Cup organization: Zontes Racing Club

Responsibility of Riders: Every rider will be personally responsible, to abide by the terms of the rules and regulations and of the individual rider briefs. Wherever there is a contravention of any of the regulations the rider will be personally disciplined.

MSA: Motorsport South Africa

RST: Race Screen Technologies

2. General

The Zontes Racing Club is the organizer of the Zontes Cup Racing series.

This series is held annually at various circuits around South Africa and is run under the auspices of MSA.

3. General competition regulations

The series is implemented in line with the following documents/conditions/principles, which are deemed to be recognized and accepted by all applicants and riders upon registration:

  • The South African motorsport rules and regulations as prescribed by MSA.
  • The present regulations, including any subsequent amendments.
  • Any technical and organizational requirements set out by Zontes Racing Club.
  • If there is a conflict between the MSA regulations and the Zontes Racing Club regulations, the Zontes Racing Club regulations take preference.
  • In case of doubt on technical matters, the decision of the Series Technical Consultant is final.
  • All decisions are made by the Zontes Racing Club organization.
  • The event supplementary regulations issued by the race organizer.
  • The Zontes Racing Club was initiated in the spirit of competition for riders at club and regional level. The spirit of the competition is to keep it affordable and competitive at a level for all riders.
  • All riders must be members of the Zontes Racing Club. An annual membership fee will be set by the committee.

4. Conditions of entry

  1. Rider/Competitor
    1. Riders must be in possession of a valid current MSA regional motorcycle circuit racing competition license. No rider will be allowed to participate who is also participating / participated at national level in the same year or holds a national license.
    2. There are four classes:
      Juniors: Open to riders who turns 14 years old in 2020
      Seniors: Open to riders who are at least 21 years old on 1st January 2020
      Overall: Based on time and position finished from Juniors, and Senior classes combined
      Ladies: Open to all ages
    3. The aim of the championship will be to declare a Club Champion in all classes.
  2. Vehicles
    1. This is a one make series and all Zontes 312cc model motorcycles are authorized to participate. In the spirit of the event no changes are allowed to any motorcycle except minor technical modifications in accordance with these regulations.
  3. Starter Field and Grid Positions
    1. The number of grid positions available for each event of the Zontes Cup shall be determined according to the maximum number of starters (including any leeway granted by the COC or stewards) for each circuit permitted by MSA.
    2. Grid positions for Race 1 shall be determined by means of qualifying times. Prior to an event, and Race 2 will be determined by the Race 1 result. Zontes Cup Committee reserve the right to exclude any rider from participation in any event where circumstances warrant. During an event, the series organizers may approach the clerk of the course with a request to preclude the further participation of any rider who is felt to constitute a danger to himself or other competitors.
  4. Registrations and nominations
    1. The persons named below will function as contacts for the ZONTES RACING CUP series:
      ZONTES CUP MSA Representative: Johan Fourie
      ZONTES CUP Appointed Organizer:Zontes Racing Club
      ZONTES CUP Technical Controller: Louis Van Bergen
      ZONTES CUP Treasurer: Alisha Concalves
      ZONTES CUP Race Secretary: Gizelle Pohl
      Chairman: Johan Fourie
      Co-Chairman: Jaco Van Der Merwe
      Suspension: Dewald Winterbach
      Organizer: John Johnstone
      Technical: Louis Van Bergen
  5. Services rendered to Zontes Racing Club Members

    1. Participants will have access to the following services subject to approval of the series organizers and by presenting their membership cards at any Zontes dealership.
      1. Zontes motorcycles at a subsidized price package.
      2. Subsidized price on spare parts purchased from RST less 20%.
      3. Tyres at cost per rider per event, to be supplied per event, and to be taken for said event only.
      4. Spares like brake pads, levers, rear sets will be available at events.
      5. Option to purchase Zontes CupClothing.
      6. Demarcated Pit areas at each event shall be provided by the Zontes Cup Organization.
      7. 1st, 2nd and 3rd place trophies to be supplied for two classes (Juniors and Seniors)
      8. TV coverage for each event to be negotiated with the relevant providers.
      9. Website dedicated to the series:
      10. Club membership of the of Zontes Racing Club
    2. To be eligible for the above services and discounts, participation is defined as starting in a qualifying session. In the event of non-participation, the Zontes Cup organizers shall decide on eligibility for the above mentioned services. Membership benefits may be suspended in the event a rider/member does not partake in a Zontes Cup race meeting for 3 consecutive race meetings.
  6. Events

    1. General
      • The Zontes Cupforms part of the Extreme Festival series of events and shall generally include 8 – 10 events during a calendar year. All races will generally be held on Saturdays, at various circuits around the country. Should a race or races be cancelled, the total scores for the series shall be calculated on the basis of races held. Any cancelled races may be re-scheduled subject to at least six weeks advance notice being given to competitors
    2. Conducting the competitions
      • The races will be conducted in accordance with these regulations, as well as the general competition rules and standing supplementary regulations laid down by MSA. In the event of a conflict, these regulations shall take precedence.
      • Any deviations from the published regulations shall only be in force and effect when published by MSA in an official circular.
      • Generally, one qualifying session and two races of 8-15 laps are held per event. It is a condition of acceptance that after qualifying and each heat, motorcycles may be held in a parc fermé for a period to be decided by the C.O.C. but not less than 15 minutes.
      • The 110% qualifying rule will not be applied in any classes and will be at the sole discretion of the COC.
      • In the event of a “wet race” or the start of rain during a race, the provisions of SSR 44 (MSA regulations) shall apply.
      • Notwithstanding the provisions of SSR 38, a jump start will be penalized by a 30 (thirty) second time penalty added to the total race time of the respective rider for the race in which the infringement occurred.
      • If a rider has an accident during qualifying or during a race (i.e. the motorcycle is on the ground) the rider concerned shall be permitted to take further part in the qualifying session or race in which the accident occurred, unless prohibited by the marshals from doing so. Subsequently the motorcycle must be re-scrutineered before participation in any further races. If a marshal/official should point out any major defect (e.g. leaking oil) the rider may not continue with either qualifying or the race. Failure to comply will result in offenders being excluded from the entire event.
      • After the qualifying and each race, all motorcycles that took part in the race must be parked in the parc fermè indicated. Each rider is responsible for this. If this is not complied with, then the rider may be excluded.
      • Scoring the races and distribution of points:
        All riders taking part in a race will be eligible to receive points, subject to them finishing at least 2/3 of the race distance achieved by the winner.
        Points will be scored per race on the following basis:

        Place 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th 11th 12th 13th 14th 15th
        Points 25 20 16 13 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

        If two riders end the series on the same points total, their positions will be decided according to the provisions of GCR 229 (MSA regulations).

    3. Prizes
      1. 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes will be awarded annually for Overall calculated on total accumulated points for the year.
      2. 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes will be awarded per event for Juniors (14 – 21 yrs) calculated on total accumulated race time for both races.
      3. 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes will also be awarded per event for Seniors (21 yrs and older). calculated on total accumulated race time for both races.
      4. 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes will also be awarded annually for Ladies calculated on total accumulated points for the year.
  7. Administrative and technical monitoring
    1. Administrative monitoring (registration)
      • At the beginning of every event and before practice each rider must present his MSA competition license (no exceptions).
      • When registering it shall also be necessary for each rider to sign the declaration of undertaking to provide a replacement in the case of loss, theft, destruction etc. of the timing transponder, as well as all other documentation as required for registration.
    2. Technical monitoring (technical approval)
      • Prior to each event, a technical inspection is conducted by the official technical inspector/s to examine whether the competing motorcycles are in a condition which conforms to the regulations. The teams and riders are to abide by the instructions given by the technical inspector/s for the purpose of inspection and monitoring. The rider or the team representative is obliged and personally responsible for ensuring that the motorcycle fully complies with the technical regulations and appearance stipulated by the Zontes Racing Cup Organization.
      • The rider equipment must be in accordance with MSA SSR 7.
      • Where any deviations occur, the offending rider/motorcycle may be excluded from the competition and further penalties may be imposed in accordance with MSA regulations. In case of gross and deliberate violation of the regulations, the participant may be excluded from all remaining races in the Zontes Cup. This would also entail the loss of any points accumulated in the series to that point.
      • The Zontes Cup technical consultant reserve the right to perform spot checks on various motorcycles at any time during the event to check that their condition conforms to the regulations.
      • Proof of performance by means of test rig rides can be implemented for motorcycles used at any time during the season based on the checklist. The teams are exclusively responsible for the disassembly and reassembly of motorcycles as requested by the technical inspector or responsible persons of the organization, as well as any associated expenses.
  8. Visual design and advertising rights
    • The Zontes Cup organization is authorized to make use of indicated areas on all competing motorcycles for the purpose of the display of series sponsor advertising material. The display of such sponsor material is a condition of entry to the series and is a scrutineering requirement. Non-defined areas are available for use by personal sponsors. These may not be in direct competition with ZONTES SA or sponsors/partners of ZONTES SA, ZONTES CUPand are to be presented to the marketing advisor for authorization.
    • Competition numbers on the motorcycles shall comply with the provisions of SSR 4.
      Junior numbers: Black on white background.
      Senior numbers: Red on white background.
    • By participating in the Zontes Cup, all teams and riders declare their consent to their utilization by Zontes SA or its partners participating in the series for publicity purposes without remuneration. This also applies to any clothing, pictorial or film material.
    • All copyright and picture rights (all formats) with regard to the riders, vehicles and racing events of the Zontes Cup rest with Zontes Racing Club and/or the Organizers.
  9.  Provisions
    1. For reasons of safety, or due to acts of God or official regulations, the ZONTES CUP Organizer reserves the right, in consultation with RST and MSA, to perform changes to the conditions and rules of entry. If it is necessary to cancel an event for extraordinary reasons, damage compensation claims will not be recognized (see GCR 244).
    2. Rider liability – Participants take part in the events at their own risk.
    3. Waiver of liability – Upon presentation of their nomination, applicants and their riders declare their waiving of claims for damages of any kind which occur in the context of the event against:
      1. The Organizers of the ZONTES CUP CHAMPIONSHIP;
      2. The federation sanctioning the event (Motorsport South Africa); their officials and assistants;
      3. Authorities, racing services and all other persons associated with the organization of the events;
      4. The road construction companies, should any damage occur as result of the track characteristics;
      5. Assistants in performance and fulfilment of all persons and offices named above except in case of damage caused as a result of intent or gross negligence;
      6. All other participants (teams and riders), their assistants, the owners or keepers of other vehicles.
      7. The owners/promoters of venues at which the events are held.
      8. Race Screen Technology or Zontes SA
        • The exclusion from liability applies to claims for any legal reason, in particular both for damage compensation claims for contractual as well as non-contractual liability and for claims arising from non-permitted actions. The exclusion from liability does not apply in the case of intent of gross negligence.
  10. Insurances
    1. Every rider shall be required to hold personal accident insurance cover as required by Motorsport South Africa.
  11. Rider briefings, winners ceremonies, press conferences
    1. Participation in all official rider meetings/briefings is compulsory for all riders. Alternatively, the person responsible for the team is authorized to represent the rider at these official meetings. The penalty for non-attendance will be 5 seconds added to the race time of the next heat participated in. Repeated violation can result in exclusion from the ZONTES CUP CHAMPIONSHIP.
  12. Protests
    • All protests are to be made in writing and in accordance with Part IX of the MSA General Competition Rules & Appendices Hand Book.
    • Should a competitor lodge a protest against a fellow competitor to the extent that the fellow competitor’s motorcycle would require disassembly and this motorcycle is found to conform to the ZONTES CUP CHALLANGEregulations, then the cost of disassembly and reassembly, including all new spares required for this process will be borne by the protestor.
    • The extent of these costs will be determined by the ZONTES CUP CHALLANGE technical consultant and/or MSA TC, at their sole discretion.
    • Failure to comply with this requirement may result in exclusion from the following round or the remaining ZONTES CUP CHALLANGE events.
    • The party concerned can file an appeal in accordance with MSA regulations.
  13. Disciplinary action
    • Zontes Racing Club/MSA reserves the right to take disciplinary action against any competitor in respect of instances of unsportsmanlike behavior, in particular unsporting riding, behavior damaging the reputation of MSA, RST, the ZONTESCUP CHALLENGE organization, or series sponsors etc. Any transgression as referred to in the Rules and Regulations will be dealt with according to the Disciplinary Code of Conduct. Any person revoked entry in the past will never be able to join the ZONTES CUP CHALLENGE series again.
  14. Vehicle regulations
    • At the technical inspection, which is held at the beginning of each event, every vehicle must be in a condition that conforms to the technical regulations of the ZONTESCUP CHALLANGE. The vehicle is monitored by the appointed technical inspector according to commonly accepted procedures.
    • The decision as to whether or not a vehicle conforms to the regulation’s rests with the series technical consultant.
    • Vehicles involved in accidents during an event must be presented to the technical inspector immediately after the session in which the incident occurred. A further technical inspection and scrutineering is required prior to the motorcycle’s further use in practice or racing.
    • Obvious violations discovered by the ZONTES CUP CHALLENGE technical consultant in the course of random checks after races will generally result in exclusion from the race results, or in cancellation of the times posted in official qualifying, as appropriate.
    • In particularly severe cases this will also result in the loss of all points accumulated in the cup scoring up to that point and the forfeiture of any prizes/trophies attained in respect of the affected events.
    • The ZONTES CUP CHALLENGE Organization is authorized to examine participating vehicles thoroughly at any time and to require the removal of vehicle and engine components by the team.
  15. Calendar of events
    • As published by MSA


  1. General regulations – motorcycle
    1. The motorcycles admitted for entry in the ZONTES CUP 2020 must be of the type: Zontes ZT 310 R and Zontes ZT 310 X
    2. The vehicle used must possess an original Zontes vehicle identification number (VIN) on the frame in the respective national format of the supplying country. This may not be subsequently altered. Only vehicles imported by Race Screen Technology / Zontes SA may be used. No grey or parallel imported motorcycles of this model will be permitted to participate in any event of the ZONTES CUP CHALLANGE.
    3. If it becomes necessary during a race event to reconstruct a vehicle as a result of extensive accident damage and/or severe engine or gearbox damage or if it has to be replaced by a new vehicle, this may only be undertaken with the approval of the ZONTES CUP CHALLENGE technical consultant. In such a case, a further technical inspection of the vehicle is required. No further exchange of vehicle will be permitted during an event. All permitted or required alterations to the vehicle are described in these regulations.
    4. The fundamental principle is as follows:
      Beyond manufacturer tolerances, all alterations are prohibited. Minor changes will be prescribed for purposes of close racing and safety. The organizers reserve the right to make changes at any time.
      With the exception of the accessories listed in the following, only the original ZONTES parts may be used which are listed in the motorcycles technical handbook.
      All parts, with the exception of those comprising the racing kit (fairings) and certain specially defined parts ranges for the ZONTESCUP CHALLENGE or additionally specified parts from the ZONTES CUP CHALLANGE parts range must be of the same type as the motorcycle, and their condition in use must be within the tolerances stated in the workshop handbook and in the manufacturers guidelines.
      With the exception of the permitted changes, the motorcycle must conform to the general specifications for motorcycle circuit racing prescribed by Motorsport South Africa.
      Acceptable additional racing kit includes:
      1. Aftermarket racing fairings;
      2. Braided hoses for both front and rear braking systems;
      3. Aftermarket rear sets may be fitted;
      4. Crash protection kits (crash bobbins, mushrooms, etc.;
      5. Handlebar ends, handle bar grips and clutch levers Brake levers.
      6. Slip on exhaust canisters .
      7. Brake lever protector may be fitted.
      8. After market petrol cap can be fitted.The engine identification number must be visible and legible.

      All engines, new or used, will be inspected and sealed by the technical consultant or his appointed representative. No motorcycle will be eligible to race without a sealed engine.

      The engine casing of the respective type of original engine must be used.

      The elements of the engine must be in their original condition and within the manufacturers tolerance range (see workshop handbook and manufacturers guidelines). In particular, any change effected by removing or adding any material, such as the deburring, addition or removal of seals, balancing components, etc. is expressly prohibited unless especially provided for in the present regulations.

      The engine ventilation system must remain in its original condition.

      All screws for oil outlet screws, oil inlet screws, oil filters, tubes and front brake calipers must be secured with metal wire to prevent accidental opening. The use of engine oil additives is not permitted.

      Every motorcycle will be required to be dyno tested and sealed before deemed eligible to partake in the series. An average torque and power curve will be determined per model. A Maximum tolerance of 2.5% will be allowed at any point on the dyno curves for both power and torque. Any motorcycle failing to comply with these

      tolerances will be deemed illegal and will have to be proven legal. All costs relating to dyno testing or stripping are for the members account. The motor (top and bottom and clutch cover) and ECU are required to be sealed by the designated 2020 technical controller.

      Cylinders: Only original parts of the respective model (the addition or treatment of material is prohibited).
      Dimensions and weights of the cylinder must correspond to the original parts (see workshop manual and manufacturers guidelines). The addition or removal of material is prohibited.

      Ignition: Only Standard CDI/ECU units, as supplied for the specific vehicle are to be used. No enhancement microchips or additional piggy-back systems for fueling, timing, ignition, etc. are allowed. All ECU’s will have the same MAP, be password protected, and loaded by the manufacturer and will be verified at intervals.

      Crankshaft / connecting rods: Only original parts of the respective model, no modifications permitted. The deburring, addition or removal of material is prohibited. Treatment, polishing or balancing of parts is not permitted.
      Dimensions and weights of the components must correspond to the original parts (see workshop manual and manufacturers guidelines)

      Bearings: The number dimensions and weight must correspond to manufacturer’s specification.

      Pistons, piston rings and retainers: Dimensions and weights of the parts must correspond to the original parts (see workshop manual and manufacturers guidelines).
      Only original parts of the respective model, no modifications permitted. The deburring, balancing and addition or removal of material is prohibited.

      Cylinder head: Only original cylinder heads. The deburring, addition or removal of material is prohibited, including any modification of inlet rubbers. Dimensions and weights of the parts must correspond to the original parts (see workshop manual and manufacturers guidelines). Only the standard thickness head gasket may be used.

      Valves, valve control, control timing: The diagram must correspond to original diagram without modification. The valves, camshafts and the entire valve control with all parts must be in their original condition and may neither be altered, repositioned or polished. Dimensions and weights of the parts must correspond to the original specification (see workshop manual and manufacturers guidelines).

      Injection and ignition: All parts must be in original, unmodified condition of the relevant vehicle type; standard setting values are recommended, confirmed by Zontes.

      Air filter / Air box / Air channels: All elements of the air intake area, pipes, air filter, air box, sealing components and casings must be in the original condition of the model described and remain within manufacturer tolerances, with the exception that noise reduction flaps in the inlet tract may be removed. Only original air filters may be used. After market air ducts and brackets may be used.

      Wiring harness, electrical connections: The wiring harness of the relevant vehicle type must be retained in unmodified form. No additional switches, components or cables must be looped in or added. Shortening in the form of cutting is prohibited. The following alterations to electrical components are permitted/required:

      • Removal of cable connections for rear light from last plug to rear light.
      • Removal of cable connections for horn from last plug to horn.
      • Removal of cable connections for direction indicators from last plug to direction indicators
      • The deactivation of the electrical safety system for the side stand by means of bridge-over connector or similar is permitted. In the case of damage caused by a fall during an event, the cable set can be repaired under the super vision of the technical inspector or the ZONTES CUP CHALLENGE Organization. This must be replaced by an original part by the next event. The use of homologated lap timers is permitted. The electrical supply of such lap timers may only be provided directly from the battery poles (in line fuse is compulsory) or by connecting to the supply provided for the headlight or any unused component power supply.

      Stator and flywheel: The Stator, its wiring and regulation, must conform to the original condition of the specific model, and remain within manufacturer tolerances.
      The stator must always supply the battery with the relevant current as defined by manufacturer requirements. Additional electrical controls are prohibited.

      Starter: The electric starter and wiring must be in their original condition and within manufacturer tolerances.
      The starter must always be able to start the engine.

      Fuel: All motorcycles must use pump fuel available to the general public via normal filling stations. The use of products or (additives or oils) to increase the octane level or combustion properties is prohibited.

      Separate samples of the fuel used by any competitor may be requested before and/or after a race. These samples must be taken in accordance with the provisions of GCR 240’s “Guidelines in respect of fuel sampling”.

      Notwithstanding the above, the Technical Consultant (in conjunction with the Clerk of the Course) may request the use of a controlled fuel no later than 30 minutes prior to the start of a race. Failure to use the controlled fuel when requested shall result in the competitor concerned being prevented from starting the race in question and/or being excluded from the race meeting.

      Lubrication: Engine lubrication and the appropriate oil and oil cooling system, are to be maintained in keeping with the original condition of the respective type and must not be altered. The addition of additives to the engine oil is not permitted.

      Water coolant radiator: The original radiator must be used in unmodified form. A permanent metal protection grid may be mounted at the air inlet side of the radiator to prevent damage from debris. No anti-freeze additives may be mixed with the water used in the radiator. MoCool Radiator additive from Motul (part no: 102222) may be added. Radiator fan must be present.

      Gearbox: No undercutting of gears is permitted

      Clutch: Only original parts of the respective model (the deburring, addition or removal of material is prohibited).

      Exhaust system: (1) the original ZONTES exhaust end
      canister may be replaced with any
      homologated slip-on unit.
      (2) It is permitted to take the standard exhaust
      system and replace the internal components
      thereof with aftermarket parts (Gutting).
      (3) Standard headers are to be maintained up to
      the entrance of the catalytic converter
      thereafter there is no restriction.

  2. Running gear / vehicle in general
    • The frame number and the model plate must be easily visible and legible.

      The following must be removed:
      – Rear view mirrors
      – Passenger footrests
      – Number plate holder
      – Number plate
      – Indicators
      – Headlight
      – Side stand

      Footrests: Aftermarket rear sets are available from Zontes SA.

      Appearance of start numbers: As per GCR’s and MSA specification

      The prescribed positions are:
      – On the cover on the main fairing left/right.
      – In the center of the middle section of the fairing below the front screen fairing
      (sufficient view must be ensured), left/right or both sides or on the screen. The specifications for the number on the front screen fairing are as follow:
      The font is Arial Bold ONLY and no overlapping of numbers or any embellishment of numbers is allowed. NO TRIPLE DIGIT NUMBERS ALLOWED

      Dimensions for the digits: Minimum height: 12 cm Minimum thickness: 2.5 cm Minimum width: 8 cm
      Minimum distance between digits: 1.5 cm Juniors: Black on white background. Seniors: Red on white background.

      The numbers on the side must be in bold.

      Fuel tank: Only as original part of the respective model with all components and inner parts. Any modification to the fuel tank opening is prohibited. The use of retention foam (explode safe) for the entire volume of the tank is recommended. The fuel tank ventilation outlet, along with radiator overflow pipes, must end in one or more firmly attached

      collection containers. The containers must be mounted.
      beneath the seat or trim.

      Fairing /bodywork:All body parts remaining on the vehicle must be in line with the standard condition as regards material and form. Unless the ZONTES CUP CHALLENGE organization has approved other corresponding parts.

      Handlebars: Original handlebars or approved aftermarket parts allowed. The hand levers are free of restriction. All operating parts and handlebar controls such as kill switch etc. must be retained in their original condition and fully functional (unless specified under the acceptable racing kit). The steering lock and freedom of movement must not be impaired. Driving safety must be ensured.

      Front forks: Every front shock absorber to be used for racing in the Zontes Cup Challange, has to be scrutinized by the Club’s appointed shock technician (Dewald Winterbach) and sealed. Springs are open.

      Steering damper: No Steering dampers allowed

      Rear shock absorber: Every rear shock absorber to be used for racing in the Zontes Cup Challange, has to be scrutinized by the Club’s appointed shock technician (Dewald Winterbach) and sealed, if found in order.

      Only the original rear shock which the motorcycle was issued with (with no internal modifications of any kind) or an approved rebuilt rear shock absorber may be used. The current approved rebuilt rear shock absorber is supplied by Suspension Tech. All adjusters must function as original. Ride height adjustment by the addition and removal of external (shock mounting) spacers is not permitted. Springs are open.

      Wheel rims: Expressly original parts as supplied with the motorcycle. No aftermarket or
      ‘original lightweight’ including carbon rims are permitted.

      Brakes: The front brake system must remain standard. The rear brake must remain as per original. The type of brake fluid used can be freely selected. The brake pads can be original parts of the respective type, or aftermarket. Braided brake hoses are standard front and rear.

      Tyres: Only Bridgestone R11 medium or/and Bridgestone 090 tyres, as agreed between Bridgestone and the organizers are to be used.

      The same set of tyres is to be used for qualifying, Race 1 and Race 2. Tyres are to be marked before qualifying by the series TC, and the onus is on the rider to make sure that his tyres are marked correctly. Any defective tyre may be replaced with a tyre of similar wear at the discretion of the series TC.

      Tyre branding (decals) shall be compulsory for all competing bikes on the front mudguard, right and left, in a prominent position. Tyres will be available through the designated ZONTES RACING CLUB supplier. Any other Sponsor Branding deemed necessary by the Organizing committee, will be required to be displayed by all riders in the designated areas, non-compliance will mean exclusion from the race results unless clearance is obtained from the series TC before the first race. Display of required sponsor stickers is a scrutineering requirement!

      Wet Weather tyres: Any brand or type of wet weather tyres can be used.

      Tyre Warmers: Free of restriction.

      Central frame: The central frame must remain in its original condition. Damage repairs must be inspected and approved by the series TC and/or MSA TC.
      Riding safety must always be ensured.

  3. Extra equipment
    • Data transmissions from the rider or motorcycle to the team / pit box, radio communication is not permissible. The use of video cameras for entertainment value only, is permitted. Any recorded footage allowed to be used for protest purposes will be at the sole discretion of the COC or MSA.
  4. Modifications
    • Any modifications which are not mentioned in the current rules and regulations are deemed illegal, and therefore eligible for disciplinary measures as stipulated in the Club’s Code of Conduct.
    • The series organizers or the appointed technical consultant, reserve the right to preclude from participation any motorcycle and/or rider that does not comply with the regulations, or which presents a danger to fellow riders for any reason whatsoever.
    • It should be noted that both the motorcycles used in the ZONTES CUP CHALLENGE and the elements contained in the racing kit are not covered by the standard, contractual ZONTES SA guarantee/warrantee.
      In the case of any irregularities with respect to the interpretation of the present technical specifications, it is expressly recommended that participants contact: JOHN JOHNSTONE – ZONTES TECHNICAL REPRESENTATIVE